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List of 10 Best Private Schools in India | Skoodos

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List of 10 Best Private Schools in India | Skoodos

It is overwhelming to find a perfect school for your kid. All parents have a desire to lay a solid education basis that will allow their kids to achieve greater heights in the future. However, education entails more than just reading books; it involves shaping an all-round individual with a keen intellect of the mind, good interpersonal skills, and an appetite for studying. In this blog, you will find schools that are among the best private schools in India based on their dedication to academic success as well as the total growth of students. These schools excel in their academic endeavours. They have also devoted themselves to fostering creative self-expression and personal growth in every student, regardless of his or her level of academic achievement.


Dhirubhai Ambani International School

  • The school is located in Mumbai, India. 
  • It is one of the best private schools in India. 
  • The teachers at Dhirubhai Ambani International School keep in mind that their students must develop well concerning problem-solving, critical, and creative thinking.
  • To make the learning experience richer, many extravagant resources exist for this institution. 
  • These may be for instance a well-stocked learning center that contains journals, audiovisual books, and other information sources as well as internet access and a print shop. 
  • Additionally, students have at their disposal separate performing arts complexes with features like soundproof rooms or professional equipment enabling them to delve into creativity. 
  • Furthermore, the school also has a well-maintained playground alongside an astroturf field, tennis courts, and basketball courts, shared with the American School of Bombay, creating significant prospects for physical activity plus outdoor games.


JAIN International Residential School

  • It is situated in Bangalore, India. 
  • It was established in 1999 and provides boarding facilities. 
  • JAIN International Residential School offers a national curriculum in CBSE, and ICSE as well as an international curriculum in IBDP to fully prepare its students for both national standardised examinations and those accepted worldwide. 
  • The school aims to provide a balanced education system that also includes extracurricular activities alongside academic pursuits. 
  • In addition, they have good laboratories for doing experiments, sports grounds, and a large library where one can find any book needed by all students studying various subjects. 
  • JAIN International Residential School believes that effective methods of teaching that lead to total immersion in the material being studied, rather than relying only on memory. 
  • The school offers options for both day-scholars and boarding for students. 
  • It is known for having students from India and abroad.


Sainik School Ghorakhal

  • Sainik School Ghorakhal housing academic institution is located in Uttarakhand and is the best private school in India.
  • It adheres to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) program which helps its students prepare for their class X and XII exams. 
  • Its 500-acre campus is famous for the availability of smart classrooms, laboratories, and an art and media centre. 
  • In addition to theoretical teachings in class, our instructors here also engage students in practical activities and outdoor training, thus offering a comprehensive education. 
  • Sainik School Ghorakhal was established in 1966. 


TRIO World Academy, Bangalore

  • TRIO World Academy is located in Bangalore and is a prime choice among parents who want their child to receive world-class education. 
  • TRIO World Academy offers the IB Primary Years Program (PYP), Cambridge IGCSE, and IB Diploma Program. 
  • Its campus covers an area of four acres. It is spacious enough and has all the necessary infrastructure that makes any learning institution look great. 
  • This way, they produce learners who can think critically, work independently, and appreciate other cultures if they want to do so. 
  • TRIO World Academy provides day as well as boarding facilities. This makes it the best private school.
  • To get more details such as how much money one has to pay per year, please call the institution.


Sai International School, Bhubaneswar

  • Sai International School is a co-educational school and is located in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, India.
  • It provides the students the opportunity to study from multiple boards as this school is recognised by CBSE and IGCSE.
  •  It has received several distinctions including D. L. Shah National Quality Gold Award and has been ranked as the best school in India for two consecutive years by EducationWorld India School Rankings.
  • Sai International School is well-known for its innovative teaching directed by the Guru-Shishya Parampara tradition. 
  • It has a quality infrastructure that comprises academic, sports, and extracurricular amenities, making it one of the best private schools on our list. 


Ahlcon International School

  • In East Delhi, India, there is Ahlcon International School at Mayur Vihar Phase 1. This school is both co-educational and senior secondary. 
  • It conducts classes between senior kindergarten and grade 12 and is affiliated with CBSE. The school dedicates itself to work towards the all-round development of individuals by using a modern syllabus that promotes close interaction between teachers and students. 
  • What makes it the best private school is that there are several ways in which they make improvements for better results, ranging from computerized classes to practical orientations. 
  • Ahlcon International School operates during the day and therefore no students board there. Having been founded in 2001, a well-equipped infrastructure covering a 2-acre urban campus is boasted by it. 
  • Specific information about facilities and annual fees does not exist on the web, but you can certainly get in touch with the school for further details.


Bombay Scottish School

  • Bombay Scottish School has two campuses in Mahim and Powai. 
  • It was established in Mumbai, India. 
  • It is a well-known school for students and is one of the best private schools in India. 
  • The campuses deliver the school curriculum prescribed by the ICSE board. Facilities and classrooms in the described schools are usually well-equipped and maintained. 
  • They have employed new approaches to teaching to achieve the participation of students. 
  • Bombay Scottish are day schools and they both are co-education. 
  • They are private, Christian minority schools, established in 1847.
  • Specific information on facilities and annual fees can be found on the school website.


Amity International School  

  • Amity International School is the best private school in India. 
  • The teaching method adopted in the school is CBSE and international curriculum. 
  • What put this school to fame is its ultramodern facilities and integration of technology into classrooms. 
  • In addition, they also employ both traditional and project-based teaching techniques. 
  • Amity International School is a co-educational institution and is also known for running boarding programs within the institution’s premises (Achaya 1986). 
  • Having been established in 1997, it has many branches that can be found within different cities throughout India.
  • The tuition fee here is approximately 66,000/- per annum. 


The Sanskaar Valley School

  • It was established in 2006. 
  • This school is situated in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. 
  • The curriculum has everything from studies to games, as well as other outdoor activities for its students. 
  • Cultured infrastructure that takes up 40 acres of space with proper facilities that help in growth of the students.
  •  The group of teachers in the school are experienced, dedicated and armed with amazing ideas to teach them.
  • Several facilities such as; indoor & outdoor sports areas, a hobby centre, a swimming pool, a dedicated counselling room, and on-site health care make the life of a student on campus easy. 
  • Good, well-trained teachers use their imagination to enable students to become involved.


Loreto House 

  • Loreto House, born in 1842, is a reputable high school for girls found in Kolkata City, West Bengal, India. 
  • History-oriented, the institution is directed by the CISCE educational syllabus that encourages academic excellence, innovation, and philanthropy among students. 
  • It encompasses fully furnished classrooms, a science department, a rich library as well as separate sections meant for games and other activities. 
  • Teachers with a lot of experience use pleasant strategies to develop a student’s passion for education. 
  • Since this is a day school, there are no boarding facilities at Loreto House. 



In conclusion, when you come to think of it, selecting the best private schools for your child consider taking a look at all the facilities that a school provides. However, it is more than just classwork. Overall building in an all-round nurturing condition is equally essential. Evaluate the methodology of the curriculum, an array of extra activities on offer, as well as the general way of life in schools that are consistent with who your child is and what they require. Besides, geographical location, costs, and acquisition procedures are quite substantial.

To make this easy for you, Skoodos offers you several facilities that lets you compare all the schools and make an informed choice. You can also look up schools based on their affiliation boards in your city.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques: Which school is ranked 1 in all of India?

Ans: Xavier's Collegiate is ranked number 1. It was founded by the Jesuits in 1860 to educate Catholic boys and is ranked among the best schools in India because it is one of the premier private English medium schools for boys.


Ques: Which school is better for study?

Ans: Oakridge International School is among the top international schools in Bangalore.. It has an excellent academic record and students have been doing well in external examinations.


Ques: Which city is better to study?

Ans: Bangalore is rated among the finest places for learning. Bangalore has the best technology, mild temperatures, and a mix of people from many parts of the world.


Ques: Which syllabus is best in India?

Ans: Many parents favour CBSE because it is more focused on science and mathematics and is in line with competitive exams in India. On the other hand, ICSE is chosen by some parents because it has a broader scope that encompasses various subjects but still has a significant component of English language teachings.


Ques: Which is the No. 1 school in India, 2024?

Ans: Delhi Public School is the best school in India in the year 2024.

Published on: 10 Jul 2024
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