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Foreign Students Enriching Your Child's Background

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Foreign Students Enriching Your Child's Background

India supports diversity of all kinds, we have always been tolerant towards people of other faiths and welcome people with different cultural backgrounds with open arms.

Education has certainly been the most inclusive of all, seeing foreign students in colleges is a common practice nowadays but what if your child was exposed to such cultural differences from the very start?

GD Goenka has opened its doors to the Gulf country students and in the process provides an enriching experience to both existing students and those who plan to join. The joining students are provided with education and boarding facilities. The educational techniques of GD Goenka differ from basic, providing students with teaching techniques and methods in compliance with the changing times. The education system that is adopted prepares a child not only for this nation but can also be utilized worldwide. They try to teach their students through various different methods like experiential teaching, and trained teachers in these new methods so that they are more than equipped to show students the correct path. 

The school follows experiential learning as a method of teaching and has specially trained teachers to comply with the methods

Experiential learning can be done by using various methods like-

  • Practical assessment of various theorems
  • Outdoor activities and trips to enhance exposure.
  • Inquiry learning to enhance the curiosity and creativity of a child.
  • Solving problems in a team, to enhance social skills.

GD goenka strives to excel in this method to prepare their students for excellence in future.

The experiential method of teaching will become a part of the practical curriculum in school with the foreign students once children intermingle and learn from their friends about the different ways of living and various cultures that exist across the globe.

This step of GD Goenka can be said to be a masterstroke for enhancing the practical knowledge of students.

Published on: 17 Aug 2022
School Coverage
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