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Ways to Improve Your Child's Public Speaking

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Ways to Improve Your Child's Public Speaking

Public speaking is an important skill. It can benefit your child in various aspects of their life. It is important from an early age. it is something that they will make use of in their academic and professional life. Having strong communication skills is important for conveying ideas. They help in building a long-lasting impression on someone you meet.

To make sure your child inculcates the skill at an early age, follow the simple tips. Following these tips will help your child become a naturally good public speaker instead of another forced skill. You can always make changes as per your child's learning patterns. In this blog, we have covered 6 tips that will help your child improve their public speaking skills.


1. Encourage Participation in Class Discussions

Letting your child make remarks or answer questions in class is a good time to teach them about public speaking and especially, communications. While engaging the child in pro-active class participation, it will aid the child to gain confidence on what they are saying or sharing with others. This assists in developing the communication ability since they learn to articulate their ideas in the best way possible, and listening and responding to things. They will also acquire critical thinking skills through identification of various point of views and making conclusions. To motivate your child, you can begin talking about some topics at home, while role playing discussion and helping by offering them positive feedback and some suggestions on the kinds of topics they can engage in.


2. Let them Practise at Home with Topics They Like

It can be observed that children grasp things more easily if they are doing it out of interest. If you provide them with a subject matter and instruct them to commence speaking on it, they may not be able to. Rather, just tell them to select any subject of their preference and order them to make a one minute speech on it. For example, You can discuss their favourite cartoon or their favourite toy. They will like to talk about things like this and will participate actively in the conversation. You can ask cross questions to make sure that their understanding of the topic is thorough.

Once you start enjoying the sessions, they will come to you and talk to you about more things. This will be a great way of organically developing their communication skills. They will be more confident while representing themselves in front of other people this will help them in academic and future professional pursuits.


3. Let them Practise with Family and Friends

The more they practise these skills, the more perfect they will become. You need to encourage your child to practise their public speaking skills with family members and friends. This can simply be done by having them give presentations or tell stories. Once they know how to talk to people in a group, it will automatically boost their communication skills. They can share their thoughts on various topics. When they are doing so, you should listen to them. This will also give you an insight into their thought process. Doing all this will help them build confidence and develop their communication skills in a great way.


4. Join Public Speaking Clubs or Groups

A lot of schools have debating clubs and public speaking classes. You can have your child enrolled in such a club. This will allow them to learn public speaking in an organised way. Various competitions and workshops that are organised by the club will help your child improve their public speaking skills. 

In the clubs and groups, your child will get a chance to interact with other students their age. When they discuss common topics, They get to have more than one perspective on a particular topic. The next time they have an opportunity to publicly discuss such a topic, they will have more information on it and they will be better speakers and have a lot more confidence.


5. Teach Them to be Comfortable

Having a crowd of people who are sitting to listen to what you say can be quite intimidating sometimes. To overcome this fear, you should teach your child to become one whenever he /she is giving a public speech. Tell them to focus on one thing in the room, it will help them maintain their concentration level. Teach them ways to organise their thoughts to ensure they don’t get stuck while delivering their speech. 

If they get stuck anytime while they are delivering their speech, they should not be horrified. Instead, they should collect their thoughts and try to restart their speech or continue from where they left off. The simple ways will help your child become more confident when it comes to public speaking. 


6. Focus on Body Language and Nonverbal Cues

The major concentration should be the nonverbal communication signals which include facial expressions and gestures.
If you would wish your child to become a good spiker of the public, they should understand the role of signal during the speech. The idea of keeping an eye on eye contact, proper gestures, and the manner of dressing strikes a very big difference as well. All of these in their rightful places endorse authority and confidence.



Tips for helping your child to become a better public speaker are time taking, unREL, and require a great deal of patience. With the help of the given tips and creating proper conditions, your child will be able to become rather self-confident and skillful communicant. It is also important to remind them about its importance, convey and reward their efforts and in addition, be a proper role model for identification.

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Published on: 05 Jun 2024
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