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Modern Learning Methods: A school that prepares Students for tomorrow

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Modern Learning Methods: A school that prepares Students for tomorrow

21K School has taken up the challenge to revolutionize the education system in the country. The first step in that direction is to make education an enjoyable affair with students being made a part of live interactive classes,  with the use of a one-click platform, complete with content, supported with tools like audio, video, and gamification. The teaching methods are so thorough that students, unlike kids of most other schools, do not need to attend tuition classes after school.

The school believes that good teaching is all about caring, nurturing and developing the minds and talents of children. Unlike rote learning that was encouraged by many conventional teaching methods, here the emphasis is on making the basic concepts clear to our students. With the help of varied multimedia content, teachers are encouraged to give each child individual attention and explain concepts so that they can be applied in real-life situations.


21K School believes that each and every child  is different and special, hence must be treated differently. Here the teachers understand that children develop differently, have different personalities, possess different strengths and require different kinds of support to meet their individual needs. Consequently they prepare customized assignments according to the skills of their students . This is what is referred to as adaptive learning for each child.


One of the major advantages that 21K School offers is keeping track of students with the help of AI. 

Its AI-driven intuitive tech platform keeps a track of whatever the students are doing in the class. Apparently, it is an aid that is transforming the way teachers can do their job and help them to keep tabs on her students. From paying attention to their facial-recognition, monitoring eye movements, body-language and consequently, gauging the student’s level of understanding and focus and eventually alerting teachers to problems that are usually not seen by the teachers in physical schools.


The lack of balance between work and relaxation would render a person dull and stunted from a holistic standpoint. 21K School lays great emphasis on extracurricular activities, imperative for development of  social skills, and help kids learn ways to work and move towards a shared goal. The school has a number of skilled professionals on board to conduct sessions on theater, arts, vocal, instrumental, self defense, coding and robotics at the elementary level to hone your kids' hidden talents. These sessions will go a long way to help students choose the skill they want to achieve in middle school and beyond.

Needless to say, 21K School will help the kids emerge as bright young stars who are not just doing well academically, but also exploring the world as complete, fun-loving individuals who are sure to make you proud!

Published on: 07 Dec 2022
Virtual Schooling
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